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Early TIGHT END Rankings & Drafting Strategy

June 7, 2022

Fantasy Football Drafts are here on Underdog Fantasy, and so we bring you early fantasy football rankings, starting with Tight Ends. Should Mark Andrews be ranked ahead of Travis Kelce? How high is Kyle Pitss ceiling? Could Dawson Knox or Pat Freiermuth knock off one of the big boys, like George Kittle or Darren Waller. And finally, do we have any late route sleepers at TE? Perfect rankings for your 2022 fantasy football draft.


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0:00-2:10 Fantasy TE Profiles

2:11-6:35 Travis Kelce Fantasy

6:36-14:54 Mark Andrews Highlights

14:55-21:10 Kyle Pitts Highlights

21:11-27:10 George Kittle Fantasy

27:11-32:39 Darren Waller Fantasy

32:40-37:59 Dalton Schultz Highlights

38:00-44:40 Dawson Knox Highlights

44:41-47:59 Dallas Goedert Fantasy

48:00-51:46 T.J. Hockenson Fantasy

51:47-54:15 Zach Ertz Fantasy

54:16-59:33 Pat Freiermuth Highlights

59:34-1:01:28 Rob Gronkowski Fantasy

1:01:29-1:05:12 Hunter Henry Fantasy

1:05:13-1:09:08 David Njoku Highlights

1:09:09-1:10:26 Irv Smith Fantasy

1:10:27-1:12:49 Evan Engram Fantasy

1:12:50-1:14:08 Gerald Everett Fantasy

1:14:09-1:15:44 Cole Kmet Fantasy

1:15:45-1:20:00 Late Round TE2s Are Back


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