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Best Ball Strategy - Are Week 17 Stacks Overrated? (Hayden Solo Show)

June 12, 2022

Best ball streets are hot because of the Week 17 stacking debate. It's simple. With $2M being awarded to the highest-scoring Week 17 team on Underdog Fantasy, how much does stacking players who play each other matter? Some are all in. Others have no idea. Underdog Fantasy's Hayden Winks shares his opinions with a cheat sheet on how to implement the strategy if you're down to jump on the bandwagon.ย 


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Week 17 Strategy โžย


Contingent Based Drafting โž


2022 Fantasy Football Rankings โžย



0:00-7:28 The Week 17 Debate

7:29-9:00 Stacking Rams vs. Chargers

9:01-12:31 Stacking Bills vs. Bengals

12:32-15:30 Stacking Broncos vs. Chiefs

15:31-19:20 Stacking 49ers vs. Raiders

19:21-21:55 Stacking Cardinals vs. Falcons

21:56-24:40 Stacking Panthers vs. Bucs

24:41-28:26 Stacking Steelers vs. Ravens

28:27-30:55 Stacking Vikings vs. Packers

30:56-32:39 Stacking Saints vs. Eagles

32:40-34:56 Stacking Cowboys vs. Titans

34:57-38:00 Stacking Dolphins vs. Patriots

38:01-40:07 Stacking Colts vs. Giants

40:08-41:30 Stacking Jaguars vs. Texans

41:31-43:21 Stacking Bears vs. Lions

43:22-45:51 Stacking Jets vs. Seahawks

45:52-48:00 Stacking Browns vs. Commanders


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